A Year in Review: Converting Biogas Liabilities Into Assets

A Year in Review: Converting Biogas Liabilities Into Assets

Pioneering the Future - ESI’s Impact on the Biogas Market in 2023 

As 2023 draws to a close, ESI is reflecting on a year of exciting growth and expanded capabilities in all areas of its landfill gas (LFG), digester gas (DG), and renewable natural gas (RNG) project development, engineering, construction, and operations & maintenance service offerings.

With multiple new LFG-to-RNG, DG-to-RNG, and LFGTE beneficial use projects commissioned this year and an expanding roster of operations & maintenance (O&M) projects under contract, our teams and capabilities continue to expand in all areas—meeting aggressive project delivery schedules and delivering high-performance projects that exceed our customers' expectations.

2023 Highlights:

Successful Multi-Project LFG Program Execution & Management

Multiple New LFG-to-RNG, LFGTE Projects Delivered

CM Capabilities Expansion & Growth

Record Number of O&M Contracts Executed

LFG GCCS Capabilities Expansion & Growing Team

Turning Methane Emissions into Profits

ESI provided extensive support to owners, operators, investors, and developers of landfill gas (LFG) to renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities throughout 2023—including full-scope, end-to-end project delivery—achieving project goals and helping landfills maximize revenue.

Upper Piedmont - RNG production facility - engineering - construction - operations - maintenanc by ESI - 2

Our growing portfolio of successful renewable natural gas project completions includes three newly commissioned and recently celebrated LFG-to-RNG projects.

Landfill Gas Piping - Fabrication - Installation - Repair

Learn more about our recent LFG-to-RNG projects here: 
ESI Celebrates the Opening of Two Renewable Gas Facilities
ESI Launches Third Landfill Gas to RNG Project

Operational Excellence: Ensuring Peak Performance

In 2023, we continued to expand our operations and maintenance teams and capabilities, extending numerous existing landfill gas (LFG) and digester gas (DG) 24-7 / 365 operations & maintenance (O&M) contracts while securing multiple new agreements—including the commissioning of 8 new contracts to LFG-to-RNG facility owners.

20 - Cows outside Digester Gas Facility

With the growing need for landfill optimization, our landfill gas collection & control (GCCS) O&M services add-on also gained a strong foothold in 2023, helping our customers achieve maximum yields for both profit—and RIN credits (in the case of RNG facilities).

5 - Biogas Processing Engineering - Construction - Operations

As LFG GCCS systems begin to age and as natural fluctuations in landfill well output often lead to suboptimal results over time, we anticipate our GCCS services delivery will become of significant value to LFG facility owners and operators, and we are fortifying our 2024 resources to be prepared for growing demand!

Powering Progress: Energy Projects with a Digital Edge

Bitcoin isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of biogas. But as today’s cryptocurrency market heats up, off-grid landfill gas fueled data centers powering bitcoin mining operations have proven to be an attractive—and an unexpectedly lucrative opportunity!

Landfill Gas LFG Powered Crypto Data Mining  - Operations & Maintenance

ESI has long made a name for itself, implementing and supporting landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) projects supporting clean, sustainable energy applications that mitigate methane, and our teams continued to advance a wide variety of both brownfield and greenfield LFGTE projects in 2023.

In 2023, we also leveraged our deep LFGTE experience and expertise to deliver 3 new LFGTE projects that convert methane emissions to electricity for bitcoin mining—a novel approach that removes the need for the landfill to have a pipeline or grid connection to create revenue.

All of ESI’s grid and off-grid LFGTE solutions support maximum ROI—and reduce risk, with built-in flexibility to readily adapt to changing markets and opportunities. Learn more about our full-stack solutions for beneficial use of landfill gas here

Thanks to Our Partners, Customers, and Teams!

We are truly humbled by the interest and commitment of our incredible business partners and customers and would like to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate on some of the most exciting, cutting-edge biogas projects this year!

We couldn’t have done it without our dedicated teams of expert biogas engineers, construction managers, O&M professionals, and our SCADA and technical teams!

We welcome the opportunity to share further details and explore opportunities to serve new and existing customers and partners.

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