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Our core values drive everything we do.

Our commitment to safety, quality, and the pursuit of excellence is unwavering.

Benny Benson

Benny Benson


Benny Benson is co-founder and president of ESI. An industry pioneer, Benny has been delivering industry-leading renewable energy solutions to the biofuels market for over 25 years.

Mike Skov 4

Mike Skov

Director of Business Development

Mike has decades of experience shaping deals to provide engineering and construction services to a variety of stakeholders in the renewable energy and power generation industries.

Zack Houghton  - Director of Projects - ESI - 3

Zack Houghton

Director of Projects

Zack Houghton oversees all aspects of biogas project execution, from conception to completion, to meet customer goals and schedules, and ensure ESI's outstanding quality and safety standards are met throughout each and every project. .

Wayne Gustin - Director - RNG Operations - 4

Wayne Gustin

Director of RNG Operations

As Director of RNG Operations, Wayne Gustin supports ESI's RNG o&m customers nationwide. With over 20 years of experience managing, operating, and constructing RNG and LFGTE projects across the U.S., Wayne's experience spans every aspect of RNG facility operations—and optimization.

Keegan Mullinex 2 copy

Keegan Mullinix

Director of O&M

Keegan Mullinnix oversees all aspects of ESI's biogas plant maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) business, including reliability and performance monitoring and analysis; preventative maintenance and repair; and more.

Amanda Clark_4

Amanda Clark

Director of HR

Amanda's background in recruiting, policy development, performance management and employee engagement make her an outstanding resource for our growing organization.

Alan Herin 2

Alan Herin

Environmental Engineering Lead

Alan Herin leads ESI's environmental compliance team and oversees all aspects of  compliance, reporting, and other environmental scope for clients nationwide and abroad.

Elysia Zarate

Elysia Zarate

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Elysia has been instrumental in leading the ESI to outstanding annual safety and incident records. Since joining ESI, Elysia has managed and overseen the safety programs and procedures for 15+ gas-to-energy facilities while also overseeing all safety programs within the ESI home office and maintenance shops.