Raising the Bar: ESI Launches Third Landfill to RNG Project, Boosting RNG Development

ESI's Role in Advancing Renewable Natural Gas

ESI proudly introduces another landmark project in collaboration with Waste Connections, unveiling a cutting-edge Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) processing facility at the Loess Hills Regional Sanitary Landfill. This facility, meticulously crafted over a two-year period, embodies a sophisticated and multi-step processing plant designed to convert landfill gas into methane—a remarkable contribution to the renewable energy landscape.

Distinguished as the inaugural facility of its kind in western Iowa, ESI's RNG processing facility stands among a select few across the state, exemplifying the pinnacle of technological innovation in sustainable energy solutions. The facility's core function involves the transformation of landfill gas into methane, seamlessly integrating it into a nearby natural gas pipeline. This process not only mitigates environmental impact but also underscores ESI's unwavering commitment to pioneering eco-friendly initiatives.


In its initial operational phase, the facility efficiently processes 1,500 standard cubic feet of landfill gas into RNG per minute, setting an impressive benchmark for environmental sustainability. Projections indicate a substantial growth trajectory, with a 15-year plan foreseeing a production rate increase to an ambitious 4,000 standard cubic feet per minute. This elevated capacity is poised to provide renewable energy to power nearly 14,000 homes in Iowa annually.

The collaboration between ESI and Waste Connections exemplifies a shared dedication to advancing sustainable practices. The Loess Hills Regional Sanitary Landfill RNG processing facility not only signifies a leap forward in renewable energy solutions but also establishes a blueprint for future endeavors in the realm of environmental consciousness in the Midwest.

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Source: Republic Services [Press release Nov 6, 2023]

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