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Municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills contribute the third-largest human-generated source of methane emissions in the U.S., [EPA]—making methane reduction from landfills a significant opportunity for advancing climate change mitigation.  Whether your landfill gas (LFG) project is already underway or you're just getting started, ESI can help you develop or advance a financially viable beneficial use LFG project—positioned for maximum ROI.

Backed by over two decades of experience, our seasoned teams can evaluate your LFG assets and unique gas characteristics—at any stage of your project—for all potential utilization opportunities and deliver a custom solution that optimizes gas output—and maximizes your returns. 
  • Customizable, Standard Solutions that support fast implementation and industry-leading performance
  • Our highly Flexible Solutions can adapt to Leverage New Market Opportunities
  • In addition to our suite of EPC and O&M solutions, we offer integrated analytics solutions utilizing data from o&m, controls & monitoring, and SCADA—for continuous improvement, run-time optimization, and predictive maintenance
  • As a Total Solution Provider, we deliver unique, cross-functional value at every point in the delivery chain.



CH4, CO2, H2S, VOC's Released into the Atmosphere
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No LFG GCCS In Place

Without a an LFG gas collection and control system (GCCS) in place, CO2, CH4, and other gases in addition to harmful VOC's are released directly into the atmosphere.

According to the U.S. EPA, municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills contribute over 14% of human related methane in the U.S.

MSW landfills represent a missed opportunity to capture and utilize a significant—and valuable—energy resource.



CO2, NOx, H2S, and VOC's
Released into the Atmosphere
Landfill Gas GCCS + Flare_blue 2

 LFG GCCS + Flare

Utilizing a GCCS to capture LFG gas—along with a flare to burn off methane (CH4)—is a step in the right direction. 

CH4 is considered to be 25-30 times more potent than CO2 with respect to its harmful effects as a greenhouse gas.

Methane destruction through the use of flares is highly effective—estimated to successfully eliminate up to 99% of methane or more according to EPA—but still releases other harmful emissions.


Emissions are Captured; CH4 is Harnessed for EnergyBeneficial Use LFG to Power Generation_blue


Upgrading to an LFG-to-Energy facility puts your landfill gas to good use—referred to as Beneficial Use—because CH4 is captured and utilized for energy.

  • After processing, CH4 can be utilized for on-site power generation, power can be sold to the grid, and/or utilized for a variety of other applications.

  • CH4 can be upgraded to pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG) or converted to renewable CNG (rCNG) for use as vehicle fuel.

Advancing a Low-Carbon Future

Landfill Gas Collection & Control - for Sustainable Clean Energy


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