Off-grid LFG-to-Energy Facility

Low-flow, Off-grid LFG-to-Energy: Which Option is Right for You?

New & Flexible Solutions Increase ROI, Reduce Risk

Landfill gas to energy (LFG-to-energy) facilities are designed to capture and utilize the methane gas produced by landfills to generate electricity.

Until recently, owners, operators, investors, and developers exploring the potential of remote, off-grid and low-flow (1,000 scfm or less) LFG-to-energy projects have been hampered by somewhat limited choices.

However, in today’s rapidly evolving market, stakeholders have a growing variety of end-use options for electricity produced by low-flow and off-grid LFG-to-Energy facilities, that should not be overlooked when determining an optimal strategy for utilizing LFG power generation to maximize ROI.

Power Your Site

One option is to use produced electricity to power on-site operations, such as lighting, and equipment—at the landfill site.

With combined heat and power (CHP), owners/operators can also heat and/or cool on-site interior office and facility space.

These applications can help to reduce your facility's reliance on grid-supplied electricity—and lower your overall operating costs.

Off grid - low flow - LFG-to-Power_Rin Credits-e-rin credits

Sell Electricity to the Grid

Depending on the location of your operations (vicinity to the grid) and overall output, another option may be to sell excess electricity to the grid, allowing it to be distributed to homes and businesses in the local area.

This approach can provide a source of clean, renewable energy for communities, and entire regions while generating revenue for your LFG-to-Energy operation.

Support Distributed Power Generation/Microgrids

Yet another option is to utilize a standalone microgrid(s) to power a facility in the vicinity of your operation such as a manufacturing plant, hospital, or school—or even an entire community.

Distributed power generation can help to reduce the energy costs for the facility (or community)—and lower its carbon footprint

LFG-to-Power Data Center

Power Remote and Lights-out Data Centers

New opportunities exist for utilizing electricity derived from LFG to power remote data centers including near ‘lights-out’ data centers, which can be almost entirely managed and accessed by remote systems—including the use of automation programs to monitor systems and perform operations in the absence of on-site personnel.

Charge Electric Vehicles - Benefit from e-RINs

The electricity generated from your LFG-to-Energy project can also be used to charge electric vehicles (EVs) or other electric transportation systems, contributing to reduced dependence on fossil fuels and helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

e-RIN - Biogas to EV - Electric Vehicle Charging - LFG-to-Power Graphic-2

The U.S. EPA has recently proposed RFS program expansion that would include regulations governing the generation of qualifying renewable electricity used to power EVs.

If passed, related renewable identification numbers (e-RINs) awarded under the program, could present a tremendous new opportunity for producers of low-flow, off-grid biogas.

Utilize LFG Power Generation Now—as a Bridge to LFG-to-RNG

New, flexible, portable biogas power generation solutions can be utilized to generate immediate ROI for your low-flow or off-grid LFG-to-Power facility now, as a short-term solution—until your Biogas-to-RNG facility can be designed and built. Overall, LFG-to-power facilities provide a versatile source of clean, renewable energy that can be used in a variety of ways to meet the energy needs of different types of organizations and communities.

The choice of end-use will depend on the specific needs and constraints of the project and the local context.

Backed by over two decades of experience, ESI’s biogas industry experts can help your organization determine the best solution to monetize your biogas assets - and optimize your ROI!

Evaluate & Optimize Your Project

Speak with an ESI biogas expert today to understand all the opportunities available for your low-flow (1,000 scfm or less), off-grid biogas assets and how you can: 

  • Optimize currently available RIN credits
  • Be ready to take advantage of e-RIN credits when they likely become available
  • Structure a path to receive LFG power generation revenue now
    while your biogas-to-RNG facility is designed-and-built
  • Evaluate current off-grid asset performance and learn about our
    real-time asset monitoring & optimization solutions
  • Discover alternative biogas asset strategies that may provide greater ROI

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