Landfill Gas to Energy Plant - LFGTE - Camino Real Landfill in Sunland, NM - ESI provides Operations & Maintenance Services here

Four Peaks Energy Facility successfully completed its commissioning process and is now operational

ESI provided engineering services for the expansion of the gas collection and control system for the Four Peaks LFGTE Facility at Camino Real Landfill in Sunland, NM. ESI’s role included turning around a distressed plant, restoration of the facility, USDAE 80 plant upgrades along with electrical engineering services for the 3.2 MW facility.

The Four Peaks project is harvesting methane gas from the landfill to use as a fuel source that generates electricity for El Paso Electric. A vast majority of the landfill’s methane gas is harvested through a perforated piping system of drilled gas extraction wells.

ESI’s operations & maintenance team provides daily monitoring and troubleshooting as well as routine and non-routine repairs and overhaul services. 

The Four Peaks Energy facility received a $1,400,000.00 Business and Industry Loan to purchase equipment using methane gas produced by the Camino Real landfill to power two generators which then creates electricity.

The electricity that is created is sold to the electric grid and used to serve the surrounding communities’ electrical needs. The facility is capable of exporting 3.2 MW of renewable electricity to the El Paso Electric grid, for use by the surrounding communities for their electricity needs.  This is the only facility of its kind in the state of New Mexico. 

ESI is proud to have built a long-standing relationship with Four Peaks Energy and the Camino Real Landfill by providing engineering services for the expansion of the gas collection and control system. 

Download the Press Release here.

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