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ESI Partners with TransTech Energy

ENERGYNeering Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce it has partnered with TransTech Energy, a leading provider of custom engineered and fabricated solutions for gas and liquids processing, storage, transfer and utilization across multiple industries, including a growing footprint in the Renewables space.

Said Benny Benson, PE, President of ESI, ”We’re thrilled to join the TransTech team and gain the expanded resources and geographic presence they provide. We look to further advance delivery of innovative world-class biogas facilities into key markets.”


ESI is well known for developing high quality solutions for biogas utilization including Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Power Generation, Conversion, and Transportation. This skill set is enhanced by extensive feedstock experience in Landfill Gas (LFG) and Anaerobic Digesters (AD). A design-for-operability approach and an innovative services portfolio of capacity optimization, SCADA analytics, and predictive maintenance monitoring, drives the company towards continuous lifetime value (LTV) improvements in performance and efficiency.

"We're excited to welcome ENERGYneering to the TransTech family," said Greg Ezzell, President of TransTech, “ESI’s laser focus on delivering optimal facility lifecycle solutions sets it apart as the most innovative and entrepreneurial service provider in the space. ESI delivers a fully integrated suite of solutions, unmatched in this industry, providing development assistance, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance.”

Benson will maintain an ownership position of ESI and continue his role as president.

Added Benny, “The enhanced resources will let ESI and TransTech leverage each other’s strengths and continue investing and further innovating all of our offerings. Additionally, the partnership provides a unique synergy to collectively advance each of our power generation and RNG maintenance and operations positions into a broader energy market.”



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