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Energyneering Solutions is Now ESI

We are excited to announce
that we are formally changing our name from Energyneering Solutions, Inc. to ESI.

Why ESI?

The market informally rebranded us as ESI years ago. As the biogas industry matured and grew, ENERGYneering Solutions, Inc. continued to provide solutions that mitigated new complexities. As our customers learned about PSAs and offtake agreements, it became easier to refer to us as ESI.

Quite a bit has changed since we got our start in 2007 and our new name not only represents our brand better but gives our team room to innovate and grow.

2021 saw ESI:

    • Break ground as the EPC contractor on two LFG to RNG facilities in North Carolina.
  • Design Anaerobic Digester (AD) to RNG facilities at 10 dairy farms in the Midwest.
  • Provide industry-leading operations and maintenance work at landfills, power facilities, and farms across the US.
  • Conduct economic feasibility studies for waste companies, municipalities, and developers.
  • Fabricate electrical panel boxes for most of our projects at our design/fabrication facility in Sisters.
  • Enhance our controls and SCADA capabilities by partnering with industry mavericks to advance our facility lifecycle data management and optimization solutions

Overall, we added 20 new people to our team and began a partnership with TransTech Energy that will allow us to offer more fabrication options, expand our geographic footprint, and maximize resources so we can continue to grow. Perhaps most importantly, we had fun doing all of this.

After some in-depth talks with our team, market research, and internal analysis we felt that rebranding to ESI works for our clients, and the industry. Engaging with us should be simple. The ESI name allows us to continue to provide agile and innovative solutions for our clients, including both products and services.

As part of the introduction of our simpler name, we are also updating our website URL and email domain name to We have refreshed our classic E-plug logo, which you’ll see on our letterhead, marketing materials, and social media profiles. Later this year, we will unveil an updated website which will reflect the improvements and new directions outlined here.



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