Cylinder Head Tool Kit

The cylinder Head Tool Kit includes the valve adjustment tool, the exhaust valve recession tool, a zeroing block, and a tool case. The Valve Adjustment Tool uses precision analog indicators on a rigid steel frame to measure intake and exhaust rocker arm adjustments. The Exhaust Valve Recession Tool reads valve lash between services with digital indicators mounted to an additional rigid steel frame.
PART: HTK-3516 CAT 3516 Head Tool Kit Includes:*
PART: HTK-3516.0 (CAT 3516 Valve Adjustment Tool)*
PART: HTK-3516.1 (CAT 3516 Exhaust Valve Recession Tool)*
PART: HTK-3520 CAT 3520 Head Tool Kit Includes:*
PART: HTK-3520.0 (CAT 3520 Valve Adjustment Tool)*
PART: HTK-3520.1 (CAT 3520 Exhaust Valve Recession Tool)*
images [HTK-3520 HTK-3520.1 HTK-3520.0]

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