Get on the fast track in the alternative energy field with accelerated career opportunities. Earn hands-on experience in construction, start-up, and operations of biogas projects worth millions of dollars, helping to ensure the facilities we design operate efficiently for years to come. With our excellent track record of project completion and performance, our clients know we possess the necessary skills and the commitment needed to follow through on a project from beginning to end.

At ESI, we understand that no two biogas projects are the same and that each project requires an in-depth understanding of site-specific requirements. We also understand that each of our clients has different preferences, and we work to make sure that these are met as well. Every project is a new challenge that you will help us overcome. That is our commitment to our engineers and our clients.

Managing a successful company comes down to working well with people. We know that one size does not fit all. That's why we work hard with each member of our staff to create a job that suits their needs and excites their passions.

We want to give our employees the opportunity to gain the technical expertise they need, but on terms that fit inside a healthy work/life balance. Our commitment does not stop there. We’re happy to help your partner make connections to find their place in our community.

Take the first step to building the job that's right for you.